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The grown-ups in your life may have noticed you feel angry or sad about something. Maybe you are getting into trouble at school or you feel upset a lot? Whatever it is, your play therapist will try to help you feel better.

Why Am I going to play therapy?

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They will not ask you lots of questions but there will be lots of things to play with. You will be able to do almost anything you like! Hopefully, by playing and spending time with your play therapist you will start to feel better.

What will my play therapist do?

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The first time you meet with your play therapist, they will explain that the most important job they have to do is to keep you safe. They will never tell anyone about what you have been playing but sometimes they may need to talk to a grown up about how you are. They will have to talk to other grown-ups if they are really worried about you and they feel that you are not safe. Your play therapist will always talk to you first if they have to do this.

Will my play therapist tell people what I’ve been playing?

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Your play therapy isn’t a secret. However, it’s up to you if you want to talk to other people about it but if you don’t want to, that’s okay too.

Do I have to keep it private?

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